Sleepagotchi Community Update #2: Improved sleep of users, accelerating growth and development updates
8 min readJun 6, 2022


Sleepagotchi is a sleep health mobile app that rewards users with Digital Collectibless and tokens for a consistent sleep schedule. It leverages scientific research and gamification to incentivize users to sleep better. It is currently in closed invitation-only Alpha. To participate in the Alpha, please join our Discord channel.

Dear Sleepagotchi Family,

Thank you to every one of you — our Discord members, Twitter followers, and Alpha Testers. Your support this week has been amazing, and it feels like a month has passed since our update last Sunday.

A lot of stuff happened this week:

  • Health 🏥: Alpha users reported improved sleep discipline in our Alpha Tester questionnaire
  • Growth 📈: The number of Alpha users has crossed 30 people, and the Discord chat has crossed 500 members. Users have recorded >1,000 hours slept, and the total item trading volume crossed the absolute token reward for the first time ever
  • User reviews ⭐: We collected important user feedback to continue improving Sleepagotchi
  • Community 🤝: We did our first Twitter Space with 30+ listeners, launched the #ask-founders chat for in-depth Q&A with Anton and Alex on Discord, and built 9 custom Discord bots with Sleepagotchi metrics dashboards. We also run a community vote for a new Japanese MetaRoom and gave away 8 Alpha spots in a raffle
  • Development 💻: We shipped multiple releases this week, improving UI flow, adding support for Garmin wearables, and adding a “News” section to the navigation bar
  • Next steps ⏭️: We are focusing on tokenomics (item balance), new items, and coding
  • IRL 🎫: Meet us at @Consensus in Austin, Texas 🇺🇸 next week!

Below are details for each of the areas listed.

Health 🏥

The mission of Sleepagotchi is to “Improve people’s sleep through technology”. We believe that digital collectibles and tokens are a paradigm shift in gamification mechanics and that those can motivate people to improve their habits more than any other gamification form. This week, we collected the first evidence that Sleepagotchi actually does what it is intended to do: improve people’s sleep habits.

We have run a closed questionnaire for our Alpha users, asking them five simple questions.

Alpha Tester questionnaire results

Virtually all users reported that they started to care more about their sleep duration and that Sleepagotchi is a fun and engaging way to improve their sleep.

We can’t wait to see the evidence in the actual sleep data, in addition to the questionnaire we’ve run.

Growth 📈

We have expanded our Alpha users by 20 new users this week to a total of 32 Alpha testers. Around 20 other users are on the sidelines, some of them buying new iOS devices just to be able to participate in the Alpha.

We raffle out a limited number of raffle tickets every Thursday to our Discord members and send e-mail invites to people from our e-mail waiting list (randomly). Users can also reach a guaranteed Alpha invite by getting to Level 15 on our Discord chat.

Our Alpha users together have now crossed 1,000 hours slept. Furthermore, the total marketplace volume (902.6 SHEEP) has now overtaken the total number of tokens earned (872.4), showing that Sleepagotchi has also the necessary prerequisites for a thriving and liquid item market.

!metrics bot command that any Sleepagotchi Discord can use

Our Discord channel crossed 500 members this week and the speed of new joiners is accelerating. We have not done any marketing or any cryptic Discord invite campaigns. All growth is entirely by positive word-of-mouth.

Organic Discord member growth

User reviews

Our users gave us loads of feedback this week!

Our users tell us they love using Sleepagotchi:

“I downloaded the app today and was so excited because it looks so cute and easy to use. I can’t wait to go to bed tonight, and hope this app will help me get into the habit of going to bed early.” — ricco on Discord

“Virtual bedroom looks so cozy staring at it makes me a bit relaxed”. — feelmycup Discord

“Each Sleepagotchi item is very nice and attractive. I would like to customize this room to my liking.” — れん on Discord

“Did my first SHEEP! @ alpha test app today. It was a very happy morning!” -moft on Discord

Our users also highlighted the development speed on how fast we ship updates.

“woohoo nice update team! looks like a lot of the bigger issues were patched” — boomer500 on Discord

“The app is developing by leaps and bounds. So many updates within just a bunch of days. and now it’s really a normally working build which could boldly be presented to big investors and funds. thank you for your job, guys, my confidence in Sleepagotchi’s bright future is growing bigger day by day.” — lazybone on Discord

Remember: Sleepagotchi is completely bootstrapped with no VC backing (for now 😉).

Community 🤝

This week, we run our first Twitter Space with 30+ listeners. We talked about founder backgrounds, short-term development plans, and first user feedback. Our US-based Alpha Users @photos and @Ruhtra shared their experiences and suggested new product features to co-founders Anton and Alex. Ruhtra also wrote down an excellent summary of the Twitter space here.

Summary of Sleepagotchi’s first Twitter Space

After the Twitter space, we also gave away 8 Alpha invites in a raffle. That was a lot of fun — see screenshots below! Join our next Raffle next Thursday on our Discord channel.

Discord members getting excited for the Alpha invite raffle

We also asked our community for feedback on our item designs. Our Art team created two Japanese concepts and shared them in our Discord chat #🇯🇵in-japanese. The community voted strongly for one of the options and also suggested us multiple ways to make them even more fun. We are experienced Web2 builders, and the user feedback in our community is truly something special and allows us to accelerate development on all fronts.

Community members from Japan giving feedback to our 3D art team

We also created an #👷ask-founders chat for in-depth Q&A with Anton and Alex, where the Sleepagotchi community can ask any questions to them. The new chat received positive feedback from our community and Anton and Alex already answered multiple complex questions there.

Co-founders Anton and Alex writing walls of text on Sleepagotchi strategy

Alex, Sleepagotchi co-founder and a hacker at heart, also built 9 Discord bots that any user can request to get statistics from on Sleepagotchi usage. Try them out yourself in our Discord chats:

!metrics (in #💬general chat)

!leaderboard (in #💬general chat)

!leaderboard-total-earned (in #💬general chat)

!market-volume (in #🏛marketplace chat)

!market-top-traders (in #🏛marketplace chat)

!market-top-sellers (in #🏛marketplace chat)

!market-top-buyers (in #🏛marketplace chat)

!market-top-deals (in #🏛marketplace chat)

!market-latest (in #🏛marketplace chat)

Example statistics commands in Sleepagotchi’s Discord channels

Development 💻

We shipped multiple releases this week.

Major updates:

  • Improved UI flow for digital collectibles and token rewards
  • Added support for Garmin wearables (thanks to our alpha tester Ruhtra)
  • Fixed issue with local timezones when the time shifts +-1 hour as compared to system time
  • Added news section to the app — from now on all the major updates will be published there, so it will be easier for alpha testers to stay tuned
  • Two SleepBoxes are rewarded when a user hits the Eye perfectly (+- 15 minute times within target bedtime and wake-up time)

Other updates:

  • Hide Upgrade With label when there are no possible options to upgrade the item
  • Remake of Profile Screen UI
  • Added ability to change name profile screen
  • Skeleton animation added on MetaRoom picture loading
  • Added colors to support items of Super rarity
  • Items that are equipped are now presented at the top of the items list
  • Added ability to update Sleep Goal
  • New design that helps distinguish items of different rarity
  • Fixed a bug when occasionally iPhone data was preferred instead of Apple Watch data
  • Bug fixed with locale change when the app opened
  • The claim tokens button is now inactive if no health data not available, so no more confusing behavior when a user presses “Claim tokens” button and receives an error message
  • Sleepboxes screen updates after claim tokens — no need to pull-to-refresh to see SleepBoxes after sleep

Next steps ⏭️

We are working on a lot of things at the moment!

A few of our priorities for the next weeks are:

  • Adjusting items and token balance (tokenomics)

Tokenomics are hard — they need to be fun, motivate our users and be sustainable.

We are also not building a Ponzi scheme. We have a soft peg that inflates the token as soon as a Ponzi scheme happens, i.e., a Ponzi kill switch. For 1,000%+ APY please look somewhere else :)

We are also talking with multiple game design experts. For Sleepagotchi, users should expect a blended mix of tokenomics of Splinterlands and Diablo 3, Paths of Exile, and also Web0 trading card games such as Magic The Gathering.

  • New item arts: We will be releasing new items in the next few weeks in the SleepBoxes.
  • New logo: We are working on multiple ideas right now and explored >50 potential designs already.
  • Coding: Our dev team is working hard to make our users happy with new releases.
  • Adding new Alpha users: Next raffle is on Thursday. The best chance to get into Alpha is to join our Discord. The second best chance is to get on our waiting list on our website.

IRL 🎫: Meet us at @Consensus in Austin, Texas 🇺🇸 next week!

We will be in Austin, Texas this week at Consensus, meeting our Alpha users and potential partners. Message @antongotchi (Anton) on Telegram to connect.

— Anton, Alex, Artie, Vic, and the entire Sleepagotchi team

P.S. Join the raffle for the next Alpha invites now on discord: or simply visit



Sleepagotchi rewards users for keeping a consistent sleep schedule with digital collectibles. Get 1 free item every morning, and 2 if you slept well.