Sleepagotchi Community Update #3: Rapid Growth in Japan 🇯🇵, 10K Discord Members
6 min readJun 23, 2022

Sleepagotchi is a sleep health mobile app. In Sleepagotchi, you get 1 Free digital collectible every morning, and 2 Free digital collectibles if you slept well (i.e., went to bed and woke up at a consistent time). To participate in the Alpha, please join our Discord channel here:

Dear Sleepagotchi friends,

First of all, wow! We did not expect such rapid growth. Just a week ago, we had around 1,000 Discord members, and today, we have exceeded 10,000 Discord Members! Moreover, we have >300 Server Boosts, which makes the Sleepagotchi server one of the most boosted servers for new projects. Every 30th person boosted our server!

A lot of stuff happened since our last update:

Health 🏥: Alpha users continue to report improved sleep schedules.

Growth 📈: We reached 10K Discord Members (1,000% WoW growth), 7K Twitter followers (900% WoW growth), and 500 Alpha Testers of our Alpha. We are approaching 1,000 Alpha testers, and we will announce a new campaign for the next 9,000 Alpha testers after the first 1,000 users are onboarded.

User reviews ⭐: We received more user feedback to continue building out Sleepagotchi.

Community 🤝: We translated Sleepagotchi into Japanese with the help of our community.

Development 💻: We shipped multiple updates in the past two weeks, including history of trades and item drops, Twitter share button and Oura ring and Mi Band support.

Next steps ⏭️: We will focus on the new Alpha WL campaign, more development and continued community building.

Sleepazilla is excited to host 10000 members in Sleepagotchi’s Discord chat

Health 🏥

Our Sleepagotchi Alpha Testers continue to report improved sleep. We have performed an alpha tester questionnaire in discord, and the vast majority of our Alpha Testers reported that Sleepagotchi has helped them improve their sleep and become more conscious of their sleeping schedule. This is incredibly exciting for our team, as it shows the power of incentives in improving people’s health behavior. As we continue to onboard more alpha testers, we will be carefully monitoring user feedback with regard to sleep behavior to explore new ways to influence healthy sleeping habits.

Alpha Testers Sleepagotchi private questionnaire

Growth 📈

We have reached more than 10k members on Discord and over 7k followers on Twitter, which are both incredible milestones for us. We are excited to see so many new names join our community, and we want to continue building on this organic growth. Looking back at our previous community update #2, we had a little over 500 discord members so our growth since then is something we are quite proud of.

Sleepagotchi Discord server user growth

On top of our discord and twitter growth, we have also now welcomed over 500 alpha participants to our iOS Sleepagotchi alpha testing! This is a large increase since our last community update where we had only onboarded about 20 users, so we are carefully monitoring the growth as well as the feedback from the new users. We hope to reach 1,000 alpha participants soon, which will prompt our next Alpha Campaign for 10,000 alpha participants. Stay up to date in our Discord to discover different ways to become an alpha tester!

User reviews ⭐

We collected feedback from our alpha testers and grouped them into the following themes:

  1. Have you improved your sleep schedule and duration using Sleepagotchi?

“Yes, I have great improvement in sleeping hours, from 4 hours to around 7. The reward is inestimable but small motivation is enough, works well in managing my sleep. — @chaos”

“Since I started Sleepagotchi I’ve been able to get regular hours of sleep! I generally get 7 hours. I always had a hard time in the morning, but that has been reduced. -@RuLu”

2. Features that you like about the Sleepagotchi app

“What I like about Sleepagotchi is that the graphics are so beautiful and cute, you can decide the price of itemss and sell them yourself (in many web2 games, the selling price of items is fixed from the beginning), and most importantly, you get cute items when you wake up! This motivated me to get out of bed. -@fuwasegu”

“Design is good, and the idea of improving sleep is good, free to join is also nice for the sake of large adoption. -@chaos”

“I like the design because it’s cute. You can be healed just by looking at the app and the measurement of sleep time is very accurate. -@どん底主”

“You will receive a SleepBox every morning and I’m excited to open it everyday. The design is so cute, and I also like the room modeling -@Toshi”

3. Features that you would like to see added to the Sleepagotchi app

“If more items are added, I think it will be even more exciting to be able to create Meta Rooms with more individuality. It makes me feel attached to my room and want to visit my friends’ Rooms as well. -@takeshi”

“A feature we would like to see added to Sleepagotchi is the ability to analyze the quality of your sleep. -@fuwagesu”

Community 🤝

We hosted a Twitter space Q&A with our active Japanese community on 6/11/2022 and answered questions drafted by members of the community. Refer to the notes from the twitter spaces below.

Sleepagotchi Twitter Space summary

We did not expect to receive such a warm welcome from Japan, but we are welcoming them with open arms. To further grow the community, we have engaged with Japanese influencers and Japanese gaming guilds to further spread Sleepagotchi through word-of-mouth marketing. Additionally, we are always open to partnering up with different geographic communities in addition to the strong Japanese community, so if you are interested in bringing any communities you are a part of into Sleepagotchi then please reach out to us directly.

Development 💻:

Since the past community a little over two weeks ago, we have added:

  • History of all significant events of a user (claim item, buys and sells on the market, item upgrades with stats breakdown)
  • Japanese localization
  • Ability to share the room on Twitter
  • Ability to set bedtime goal till 5 AM
  • Push notifications to prevent users from missing claim tokens
  • Mi Band Support
  • Oura Ring Support

Next steps ⏭️:

We are working on more features and updates to improve our product, and a few of our priorities for the next weeks include:

  • Revamping the Sleepagotchi Marketplace — this will include bid/ask logic to allow users to more easily interact with the marketplace so that they can upgrade their MetaRoom items
  • Adding 3 new MetaRoom collections — our creative and development teams have been working hard on creating new items including a rendition of the traditional Japanese room
  • Adding new wearable sources — we hope to support a variety of wearable devices, the App already supports Apple watch, Miband, Garmin but we are working to add Miwatch, Glory Fit, Fitbit (via PowerSync). If you have a device that syncs with apple health please let us know!
  • History filters — we want our players to easily view their activity within Sleepagotchi, and therefore the history function will show the upgrades, purchases, sales, and claims for each user in more detail with filter functionality
  • New Alpha Campaign — we are quickly approaching our 1,000 alpha participant goal that we set for our first alpha WL campaign. There will be another alpha WL campaign to get to 10,000 Alpha participants so stay tuned for different and exciting ways to become an alpha tester
  • Twitter Bio Campaign — we have started a small Twitter campaign where we will raffle off alpha testing spots for our Twitter followers who include “#Sleepagotchi Friend” in their Twitter bio. Refer to this tweet from our official Twitter account for instructions on how to enter:

Again, thank you for all your support! This motivates us to continue shipping product features that delight our users.

Let’s keep improving our sleep together!

— Anton, Alex, Artie, Vic, Diana, and the entire Sleepagotchi team



Sleepagotchi rewards users for keeping a consistent sleep schedule with digital collectibles. Get 1 free item every morning, and 2 if you slept well.