Sleepagotchi Community Update #4: 4x growth since last update, preparing for Beta
6 min readOct 4, 2022

Sleepagotchi is a sleep health mobile app. In Sleepagotchi, you get 1 Free digital collectible every morning, and 2 digital collectibles if you slept well (i.e., went to bed and woke up at a consistent time). To participate in the Alpha, please join our Discord channel here:

Dear Sleepagotchi friends,

It has been an exciting few months and Sleepagotchi has gained a lot of new friends! In our last community update, we had just over 10k discord members and it is incredible to think our community has grown to over 40k members. The support and feedback we have received is nothing short of amazing, and we are so thankful for our passionate community.

IMPORTANT: Beta dates will be announced on Tuesday, October 6th in our weekly Discord events with the team at 9 PM JST / 2 PM CET /8 AM EST. See you there!

What has happened since our last update:

Growth 📈: We reached 40K Discord Members (400% growth since last update), 25K Twitter followers (300%+ growth since last update), and over 7000 Alpha Testers in our Alpha. We also accomplished a big win on Product Hunt, getting #1 Product of the Day. As of today, Sleepagotchi is all-time product number #11 out of #7,977 new projects listed on Product Hunt (top 0.1%).

Community 🤝: We have hosted 12x+ weekly events in our Discord Channel, including Weekly Raffles, co-founder AMA’s and quizzes on topics from Anime to Games.

Development 💻: We have completely revamped the Sleepagotchi Marketplace with improved bid/ask logic and market analytics. We implemented aesthetic rooms and the ability to view other user’s rooms which improved the interactiveness in the app. Additionally, users are now able to share sleep streaks on twitter and purchase alpha invites in-app.

Next steps ⏭️: We are focused on preparing for the Beta version of Sleepagotchi, and we will continue working closely with our community to improve Sleepagotchi!

Growth 📈

We have reached over 40k Discord members and 25k Twitter followers which has brought together people from across the world.

Dino celebrating our 40k discord members

We have also onboarded over 7000 alpha participants to the Sleepagotchi Alpha. If you are not an alpha tester yet, it is not too late! Join our Discord server and find out how you can join the alpha testing today and start improving your sleep.

Product of the Day on Product Hunt:
To celebrate Alex’s birthday, we made a big push to feature Sleepagotchi on Product Hunt. It has always been Alex’s dream to have his project reach the top of Product Hunt, and with your help we were able to become Product of the Day! Product Hunt is a platform for curating the best new products and it was an honor to be featured.

Sleepagotchi was featured as the Product of the Day

In addition to Product of the Day, Sleepagotchi reached #11 overall for new projects on Product Hunt which puts us in the top 0.1% of all new projects on the platform. Thank you all for the support, and for making Alex’s dream come true. Everyone who participated in the Product Hunt campaign was able to collect the @Product Hunter role on Discord as a symbol of your participation and support, and we would not have been able to do it without you.

Community 🤝

We have started hosting weekly events which include game nights, competitions, raffles and more! The weekly events calendar is posted every Monday in the Discord server. Join our discord server to play some Fall guys, show off your artistic talents, and win sleepboxes and alpha invites. Some highlights from our previous events:

Meme Competition:
We had a great time flipping through your hilarious Sleepagotchi meme submissions 😂, congratulations to all the winners!

Winners of the Sleepagotchi meme competition

Metaroom Art Competition:
We hosted a Metaroom art competition last week for our community to create their dream Metarooms. There were some great submissions, and we are happy to receive so many new ideas on what we can add into the app.

Congratulations to the winners, your hard work is appreciated and the rooms you have created looked incredibly cozy!

1st Place: Sharlene#3668 — who is ready for halloween? 👻
2nd place: tagamon#9533 — Dino could have been a ninja in his past life
3rd place: minami#0798 — Don’t let pirate Dino steal your sleepboxes!

Stay up to date in our Discord to join our events! Meet new friends and discuss your progress in Sleepagotchi.

We launched a new segment on twitter with the hashtag #GotchiSpotlight. In this series, we highlight the contributions of individual Sleepagotchi community members. Each individual featured in #GotchiSpotlight receives a MYTH sleepbox from the Sleepagotchi team. We are excited to showcase the work of the many creatives, artists, and developers in our community. You can read more about #GotchiSpotlight in our official twitter thread here.

The first community member we highlighted in #GotchiSpotlight was VamonosPest#3863. They are a member of the french community and creator of the website:

Gotchi-stats is a tool made by VamonosPest#3863 to compare the attributes of different metaroom combinations.

This is a useful tool for new and veteran Sleepagotchi users. Stay tuned for updates from the creator!

Thank you for your hard work, and we are proud to have you in our community! Congratulations on the new Telescope Blueprint you received from your #GotchiSpotlight myth sleepbox.

VamonosPest#3863 received a myth sleepbox for being featured in #GotchiSpotlight

Development 💻

Since the community update #3, we have added the following features to the app:

  • Purchase alpha invite codes and invite your friends directly from the app 🤝
  • Aesthetic room — a separate room to display items you like the most 🧡
  • Ability to share your sleep streak on twitter 🐦
  • Korean localization 🇰🇷
  • Complete marketplace revamp 🏛️
  • Improved bid/ask logic on the marketplace 📈
  • Marketplace analytics by item ⚙️
  • View other user’s Metaroom 👀
  • Various performance improvements 🚅

Next steps ⏭️

The Sleepagotchi Alpha will come to an end soon which will coincide with a large celebration that you will not want to miss. We are actively preparing for the Beta, and some of our priorities for the Beta launch includes:

  • New features surrounding sleep analytics, competition, and interactiveness in the Sleepagotchi App
  • Special events celebrating the closing of the Alpha and the launch of the Beta
  • Collecting more ideas and feedback from the community to continue co-creating Sleepagotchi
  • Revamping our external reward system to create a more robust system for rewarding our most active community members on Discord and Twitter

Follow us for more information on Twitter and Discord:

Let’s keep co-creating Sleepagotchi Together!

— Anton, Alex, and the entire Sleepagotchi team



Sleepagotchi rewards users for keeping a consistent sleep schedule with digital collectibles. Get 1 free item every morning, and 2 if you slept well.