Sleepagotchi Community Update #5: BETA is live on the iOS app store!
5 min readNov 22, 2022


Sleepagotchi is a sleep health mobile app. In Sleepagotchi, you get 1 Free Collectible every morning, and 2 Free Collectibles if you slept well using a wearable device (i.e., went to bed and woke up at a consistent time). To participate in the Beta, please join our Discord channel here:

Dear Sleepagotchi friends,

In case you missed it, the Sleepagotchi Beta is officially LIVE on the iOS app store. When we kicked off our closed alpha on May 26th, 2022, we did not expect the community to grow as rapidly as it did. We are now at more than 40k discord members and each of you have played an important role in the launch of the Beta.

A lot has happened since our last community update:

  1. Beta app store launch
  2. GotchiCon
  3. Halloween

Beta app store launch

The Sleepagotchi app officially launched on the iOS store on November 9th after passing a final app store review. This is a big step forward for us as it means that the app is now more widely accessible and it is not limited by Testflight’s 10k user limit. The app can be downloaded by anyone, but an access code is required to register an account. To find out all the different ways to acquire an access code, join our discord here. The BETA includes new features, gameplay changes, and more to come.

Download the Sleepagotchi BETA here:

New Features

We have a new Sleepagotchi logo, but it still features our beloved mascot Dino!

New Sleepagotchi Logo

New metaroom items

The Beta was launched with 5 new metaroom collections, we will release a new metaroom collection every 1 to 2 weeks with different themes. Each metaroom now contains 5 items instead of 3 compared to the Alpha, you can now customise your metaroom with:

  1. Bed
  2. Poster
  3. Rug
  4. Storage
  5. Setting

With these items, you can find different ways to build your metaroom as well as discover items that you want to display aesthetically.

Collectibles Album

As you may have noticed, the SHEEP you earned from the Alpha has been reset, but the alpha items that you collected have been carried over to the Beta version in your collectibles album. The alpha items are now cosmetic items, and we will introduce the aesthetic room again for you to display your alpha items cosmetically as a symbol of your alpha participation.

Collectibles Album

Sleepboxes and Inviteboxes

Sleepboxes are now tradeable in the in-game marketplace. You will have to decide if you would rather sell the sleepbox to other users or test your luck and open the sleepbox for a chance of receiving something rare!

We also introduced a new type of box called the InviteBox. The inviteboxes can be opened to receive a beta access code that you can provide to a friend or family member, or the box can be sold on the market.


With the introduction of 2 additional items in your metaroom, we have made the following changes to the gameplay.

  1. Common, uncommon, and rare items now have a max level of 3
  2. Super, myth, and secret rarities now have a max level of 1
  3. Upgrade costs have been increased

Sleepagotchi takes inspiration from Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering, and other trading card games, and therefore it is important for us to expand the collectability aspect of the game. In the future, we also plan to reward users for collecting a full set, linking the competitive element and the collectible element together.

Some users may choose to maximise their rewards output, and some users may choose to focus on collecting all the metaroom sets. Everyone can enjoy Sleepagotchi in different ways!


We had a blast celebrating Sleepagotchi with you at GotchiCon which took place from November 1st to November 3rd. We recapped how far we have come in the development of Sleepagotchi and the community that we have built together. In case you missed it, here are some highlights below:

November 1st — Community Night

Thank you to our team of moderators, community managers, and translators that have been with us every step of the way. With your help, we have been able to build an engaged and fun community.

Thank you to the Sleepagotchi moderators!

We also celebrated our top community members by providing each of them with a FitBit 2 as a token of appreciation from our team. Special thank you to:

[Vanessa#6085] [Nicky777#5781] [あみーーーーん#6258] [ぶるーぎる#4346] [BrokeAvgJoe#8706] [umechan#7560] [めい#2928] [みゅう#8961] [pino#5985] [Yuki ✈#3712]

November 2nd — Meet-the-team

The Sleepagotchi team is now made up of over 15+ individuals! Our team is rapidly expanding and the community had the chance to meet some of the behind the scenes team members.

Please take the time to say hello to our team members if you see them in Discord or on Twitter as they worked incredibly hard to push out the Beta in the recent months.

November 3rd — Beta Keynote

We hosted our very first Twitch livestream where we presented a keynote presentation for the Sleepagotchi BETA. This was a great opportunity to interact with our community outside of discord, and we hope to do it again in the future.

Sleepagotchi keynote presentation Twitch livestream

If you missed the presentation, you can watch clips from the livestream on our Twitch channel here


It seems like the last few months have flown by, but we had the chance to celebrate Halloween with our community. On October 31st, we dropped a special surprise to every alpha tester. Each user woke up and opened a sleepbox that contained the new Halloween Haunted Bed 👻

Halloween Metaroom

Even though the Halloween set was only available for the last 9 days of the Alpha, we look forward to celebrating more holidays with special themed metaroom collections in the future!

Closing Note:

We have plans to release new metaroom collections regularly as well as new features. We continuously use the feedback that we receive from our community to improve the application. Please join our discord today to receive a beta access code. Let’s continue to work together to improve the sleeping habits for people across the world!

Download the app on the iOS appstore:

Follow us for more information on Twitter and Discord:

— Anton, Alex, and the entire Sleepagotchi team



Sleepagotchi rewards users for keeping a consistent sleep schedule with digital collectibles. Get 1 free item every morning, and 2 if you slept well.