Sleepagotchi in the New Year: Setting Goals
3 min readJan 5, 2023


Set your New Year’s Resolutions with Dino!

Sleepagotchi is a sleep health mobile app. In Sleepagotchi, you get 1 Free Collectible every morning, and 2 Free Collectibles if you slept well using a wearable device (i.e., went to bed and woke up at a consistent time). To participate in the Beta, please join our Discord channel here:

Dear Sleepagotchi friends,

Happy New Year! Thank you all for being there with us in 2022 through the launch of the Sleepagotchi Alpha and into the Beta. This upcoming year will be filled with excitement and we can’t wait to take you along for the ride. Sleepagotchi has always been built on feedback and suggestions received from our community and with your help we can continue to help everyone reach their sleep goals.

Sleepagotchi and the New Year have something in common, which is to set new goals for yourself. Whether it’s life goals, career goals, or relationship goals it is always important to be realistic and set your goals ahead of time to keep yourself accountable. For Sleepagotchi, helping our users meet their sleep goals is our number one priority.

Dino’s New Year’s Resolutions

So how should you set your goals for yourself?

  1. Write your goals down and review them periodically

By using Sleepagotchi, you can set your own sleep goals and use the app as a way to remind yourself of what your goal is. Whether it is to get more sleep or to get more consistent sleep, this is the app to help you do that. By using the app daily, you will constantly be reminding yourself to set your phone down when it is time to go to sleep.

2. Set goals that are realistic and attainable

We understand that everyone has different schedules and leads busy lives, therefore it is important to set goals for yourself that you can achieve. If you can only sleep for 7 hours a night, then make sure to set your schedule appropriately. Setting goals that are realistic will give you a sense of accomplishment when you eventually achieve your goals.

3. Make goals that are measurable

Make use of the sleep analytics built into Sleepagotchi to reach your goals. By studying your sleep history, you may identify patterns of inconsistent sleep or lack of sleep. Adjust your sleep schedule accordingly or plan ahead of time in order to meet your goals.

4. Design goals that can be achieved with others

Sleepagotchi is a social application, and we want you to share your goals and achievements with your friends. Make sure that you invite your friends and family to the Sleepagotchi Beta to help keep each other accountable. Join our discord here and discover the different ways to invite friends to Sleepagotchi!

Let’s make 2023 about meeting new friends and setting new goals. Come join our discord and share your new year’s resolutions!

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— Anton, Alex, and the entire Sleepagotchi team



Sleepagotchi rewards users for keeping a consistent sleep schedule with digital collectibles. Get 1 free item every morning, and 2 if you slept well.